Sunday, August 21, 2011

Advan Deskbook D5D-55132

Advan Deskbook D5D-55132 - In addition to practical and concise, Advan Deskbook offers efficient use of electrical power. Maximum, this device uses only 65 watts of power alone. Advan D5D-55 132 Deskbook offers decent performance for being able to run high-definition video formats smoothly. But do not expect more if you want to play the latest games. Despite its simple feature, the presence of WiFi and Ethernet can be a good choice for connecting to a network at home, office and even for the cafe. The price offered is competitive enough for an AIO device.

Advan also helped enliven competition in the segment of the PC All-In-One (AIO), by presenting a series Deskbook D5D-55 132. This series offers a practical and easy. AIO's design makes it easy to be placed on a table space or even small. Deskbook D5D-55 132 children assembled by the use of strict supervision in order to compete with some of the brands outside.

As the product PC All-In-One (AIO), Advan Deskbook appear "normal" physically. This AIO functionality is more asserted than design. Screen that integrates with the speaker to impress her "fat" not to mention the side and rear that appear somewhat inflated.

Deskbook itself is a combination of desktop and notebook functionality. Function represented by a design notebook that blends between the components of the monitor (and WiFi / optical form of DVD-RW driver).

Advan Deskbook is armed with a fairly decent processor is an Intel Dual Core E5500 with 2.8 GHz speed (because there are a few AIOs that use the Intel Atom processor). The use of memory with a capacity of 1 GB DDR3 Our view somewhat "responsibility".

Fortunately, thanks to the flexibility of the Intel G41 chipset, these components can be upgraded. Only the use of design modules rather inconvenient for it. You must disassemble the entire rear casing instead permodul components.

Relying on the onboard graphics chip, this device is only capable of running a variety of the latest games in low resolution. Nevertheless, his ability to run high-definition video format is quite good. Proof, the video can be displayed smoothly without a hitch. Used as a monitor measuring 15.6-inch screen that can display a resolution of 1360x768 pixels. With the use of LED technology, you'll get to watch high definition video with ease.

Advan Deskbook using a circulation-based heat waster a lot of the lattice. This does make it look "cool". Only the grille at the top of the vulnerable conceded something like dust or splashing water. So be careful when cleaning it. A somewhat strange, in the middle of the display device is attached microphone, not the webcam as the device generally.

Testing Results
Thanks to the combined use of Dual Core processors and DDR3 memory, D5D Deskbook is able to show better performance than Intel's Atom processor. His ability to run high-definition video formats are also good though only powered by an onboard graphics chip.


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