Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Reviews and Specifications Panasonic HMC-TM900

Reviews and Specifications Panasonic HMC-TM900 - At first glance seem like HMCTM900 Panasonic camcorders in general. Dressed all in black, the chrome-look accents adorn the ring lens and lens that also serves as the control of the zoom or focus the lens. Near the ring are included Camera Function button to activate the manual mode of taking pictures or video. Attention was then fixed on the screen reads FullHD on the outside. Adopting a touch screen system, all camera settings to do from here plus a button to record and zoom in the form of a physical button on the screen frame. Contrary to the position of the screen, to the body part in there is the Power button and set the port that has its own lid. In addition to the Power button, there 1080/50p button that serves to activate the video recording mode in FullHD resolution and speed of 50 frames-per-second. Perhaps you are wondering, why 50p and not 60p? It turned out that the specification is tailored to regional standards. Since the test unit we received uses the PAL standard, the standard used was 50p. Setting the recording quality on HMC-TM900 just a selection of the resulting bitrate levels. While for fixed FullHD resolution. To handle the audio, the camcorder is equipped with standard Dolby Digital Creator, which produces audio in Dolby Digital 5.1 format. The ability to record multi-channel audio is supported by five mics arranged in such a way as to capture the sound source with more accurate positioning. In addition, this camcorder can also be used for photographing. The sensor had a resolution capable of producing images up to 14.2 Megapixel (interpolation). There is also a mini flash to help take pictures in low light conditions. Unfortunately the picture quality somewhat unusual, tend to be less when compared to the quality of the videotape. To get the maximum quality, we activate the mode that produces 1080/50p video with a bitrate of about 25 Mbps. Results of the videotape appeared sharp with fairly accurate colors. Facility image stabilizer works well to minimize the effects of camera shake on the video. It's just that, their quality has dropped quite dramatically when the state began to dim. Noise in the video began to appear and the more clear when the zoom, the lens and the sensor shows working hard to get the picture. Specifications Panasonic HMC-TM900 : censorship 3 x 1/4.1 "CMOS (3MOS) Maximum resolution 8 Megapixel (effective sensor) zoom 12x Optical (35mm - 420mm) LCD 3.5 "460.800 pixel Video Format AVCHD, MPEG-4 Recording mode 1080/60p, HA, HG, HX, HE, iFrame connection Digital output: USB 2.0; Mini HDMI: AV Multi Out Dimensions (Plt) 13.8 x6, 6x6, 9 cm completeness - USB Cable - AV Cable - Software CD - Quick Guide - Hand Strap - Li-ion Battery and Charger The weight of the body including the battery 440 grams Other Digital Cinema Mode, Manual Settings, Electronic Viewfinder, Cold Shoe, 3D Lens Optional web site http://www.panasonic.com


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