Sunday, August 7, 2011

Applications GooReader [Free]

Internet can indeed be a storehouse of science or reading endless. If you want to find a digital reading a magazine or a book, you can take advantage of applications GooReader.

This application is like a search engine, but more specific in search of the literature. With it, you can find all kinds of reading e-books, such as magazines, short stories and novels of the Google Books site.

Yes, this application will look for the Google Books content that you want without having to look through the browser. From here you fill in the search field to find the desired content Google Books. Later, the results obtained will be shown a preview of the cover / front view.

Each e-book has four information obtained, which add to the library, links to websites, read books and create PDF. However, not all results obtained can be read entirely. If you want to look for reading the entire contents can be accessed in full, you can activate the option Only with Full View Books.

You could save a link e-book which had previously acquired such facility in browser bookmarks. You can also use it as a private library in which the e-book has been obtained, stored into the hard disk so that it can be read even if not connected to the internet.

GooReader available in a free and paid versions. Facilities pay more complete course. One feature that is in the paid version is the ability to export all pages in a magazine or book that is available to PDF format and then download it.


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