Sunday, August 7, 2011

EG Touch ET-2818 Specs

Based on the experience of trying a variety of tablet computers for this, we prefer the power and flexibility of tablet computers in the running application. Well, EG Touch ET-2818 has quite a lot of "awkwardness" even though the specs seem promising. Besides the issue of Market, graphics speed is also very sad. This is evident when running applications or games that involve the rendering of complex graphics. EG Touch Presumably this must be further refined in order to achieve usability and performance of the maximum.

Galaxy Tab iPad success and became one of the triggers for manufacturers competing to bring the tablet computer. It tends to bloom even though historically it has not experienced vendors such as Apple's.

And this is what happened to EG Memory. Long been recognized as a leading brand from Hong Kong with a variety of storage products (flash, RAM, memory card) for computers, vendors are trying to bring the first tablet computer. At first glance, this device is not much different from similar products on the market.

EG Touch ET-2818 comes in a tablet model sailing 7 "with frame dimensions of 19.2 x 11.5 x1, 4 mm. This size is fairly comfortable to run a mobile activity. EG Design Touch controls ET-2818 also provides a physical button to go back (back). This is compounded by the menu at the side so that users can still return to the previous menu (when the system does not display both functions). Unfortunately the model is less convenient control buttons than the methods used by other tablet computers we've ever tried.

To stimulate the tablet computer, wearing EG Touch Rockchip 2818 1 GHz processor, 256 MB system memory, and 8 GB of internal storage with external memory (via microSD / TransFlash) up to 32 GB capacity. The screen is capacitive also a fairly convenient access with a finger. Unfortunately, this tablet computers still utilize the system Android 2.1 (Eclair) that feature is still limited. However, the vendor promised an upgrade to a newer system. EG Memory site, unfortunately, seems less informative to segment their tablet computers.

Besides via WiFi, EG Touch ET-2818 also provides a pathway through the 3G connection of external modules. apparently in the sales package available USB stick 3G modem to be plugged into a tablet computer to access the Internet. To support mobile activities, EG Touch has been providing standard applications such as e-mail, online maps, video player, up to the Android Market. Unfortunately, the Market included the famous 1710 version still has a "bug". Fuss again, Market Updater turns in has not provided a built-in so the download from the Market is often not successful.


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