Sunday, August 21, 2011

GreenBrowser Review Display for Search Engine

GreenBrowser Review Display for Search Engine - Number of browser making the choice more diverse. Although names such as Firefox, Chrome, IE, or Opera is more famous, there is an alternative browser that you can try. One of them is GreenBrowser. Carrying the headline "green", the browser offers several advantages such as faster performance and more efficient in use.

Efficient here because GreenBrowser use a smaller memory than other browsers. GreenBrowser is very small. Just install the file size of less than 2 MB. Nevertheless, the features provided fairly complete.

This browser glance similar to Internet Explorer in terms of appearance with the model multitab browser. Naturally, because GreenBrowser uses the same rendering engine with a browser made ​​by Microsoft.

The flexibility offered is quite high. GreenBrowser display can be customized with various options offered. GreenBrowser fun again been integrated with the Adobe Flash Player. So, once installed, you can simply open a site with Flash facility without the need to download it separately.

GreenBrowser have the ability to run a video file on a site, but the video may be launched using the player itself. The trick, click on the video screen while pressing the Ctrl key on the left. Then, select Top Video Player. The video will then be played separately from the web, such as running video from a multimedia player.

Speed ​​Dial facilities are popular in browsers such as Opera are also presented here. With it, you can enter the site address and save it. So, any time you want to re-open, click on the site live from the front screen.


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