Sunday, August 21, 2011

LG Flatron E1941 Review and Specs

In the spirit of Go Green, the latest series from LG monitor has a lower power consumption compared to the same class of products. Although only armed with a VGA connection, the LG Flatron E1941 still has its own appeal. LG ability to cut power consumption in monitor product deserves thumbs up. Reduction of power consumption, especially for the unit lights the screen does not affect the display quality. Monitor still manages to look bright even though the levels are fairly low brightness settings.

One reason for the use of transition from CCFL backlight to LED monitors to reduce the power consumption is high. But for Motorola, the use of LEDs alone seems still not enough to produce LCD monitors that are environmentally friendly, especially when viewed from the side of power.

Flatron E1941 are present in our lab is one of the variants with the smallest screen size of the whole series E41. Nevertheless, the E1941 still look attractive.

Look a little different, LG Flatron E1941 does not fully use the shiny material for his physical. At the front, the frame has a design like the brushed aluminum with a slight accent on the edge of the row of shiny buttons are located.

By pressing one button will take you to the settings menu options (including special menus Super Energy Saving). On the menu, there is the option to turn on or turn off the feature Super Energy Saving and the statistical power savings are achieved.


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its is perfect lcd led i buy it in Iraq and it is great

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